Layering on the Floor

Layering on the Floor

Creating interest and texture with Rugs

One of the best ways to bring a sense of design, style, personality, and warmth into a room is with your floor coverings. If you are looking for something truly unique and fashion-forward but not trendy, then consider layering rugs on your floor. From whimsical to formal, you can layer rugs to create any look.

What happens when you find a rug that you love but you can’t afford the size that fits your space? Larger rugs, especially quality rugs, can cost you big money. However, don’t leave that rug at the store just yet! If you are on a budget, layering is your friend. You can purchase that beautiful rug, pick a coordinating color or pattern, and find a larger, less expensive rug to layer under your dream rug. For example, a flat weave striped rug in subtle hues of sea-glass layered under an expensive floral pattern wool rug. Mixing up the patterns and textures creates visual and sensory interest, it makes your space look designed, rather than simply decorated.

Another reason to layer rugs is to stretch the life of a rug. If you have a large jute rug that is wearing a bit in the middle, throw a rug over it! Grab a rug that has the same shape. You want to have about 12 inches between the edges of the new rug and the rug that you are layering under it. Jute is such a beautiful natural fiber and the color is perfect for using as a frame for a soft, patterned flokati. The play between the soft fibers of the flokati and the firm, woven jute just invites your feet to walk on over to the sofa and urge your eye to move around the room.



We’ve talked a bit about the living room, but can you layer in other places? Absolutely! A large, square rug in a colorful print that is topped with several small, round, high pile rugs in various colors works perfectly for children’s play area.

A large, dark-colored high-pile felt rug topped with a white or cream color shag area rug in any shape builds a soothing and sophisticated modern nursery. If your child is tactile, they will appreciate having different textures to roll, play, and relax.



If you have teens, layering is perfect for their ever-changing tastes, just start with a base layer in a neutral color, a wool jute blend works great for this, and then top it with whatever your teen picks out. The great thing about it is that when they move out, you still have a large, beautiful rug that has been protected from the wear and tear. Hence, it is easier to transition it from teen room to guest room.

Layering the rugs is such a great way:


  • To bring interest
  • Preserve antique rugs
  • Prolong the life of expensive rugs
  • Stretch your budget
  • And add beauty to a space


Look at your space in a new light, freshen up an old rug with a new one, have fun, and remember, your floor is your fifth wall!

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